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Beyond Sitcom by Antonio Savorelli

Congratulations to my friend, client, and Web designer Antonio Savorelli, whose book Beyond Sitcom: New Directions in American Television Comedy has just come out from McFarland! This comparative semiotic analysis of four American TV shows is a translation and new edition of a book Antonio published in Italian several years ago. I copyedited the translation before it went to production. You can read more about the work through this main site, which will direct you to related sites where you can buy it:


Mike said:

Congratulations to both of you! I have seen the final product (in English) and it looks like a lot of hard work was rewarded with a quality product (as it should be ;o).

antiorario said:

Thanks Mike, I’m very happy about it.

Erin said:

You should be happy, Tony. It looks great, and as much work as I put into the copyediting, I know you put hundreds of hours into the writing, research, and translation. At least your research was pretty fun, right? You could have studied Bede, and then who knows if you’d have any humor left. Anyway, it’s a huge accomplishment, and you deserve a nice gelato, or something fun.


Erin’s grasp of sci-fi literature’s scope and range was surprising. I felt confident in going back to ask for additional help and was most satisfied in her responses to unusual requests.”

Dana Barish,
Time Unwound