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Paris High Noon on Radio Valencia

You may have heard the buzz about Paris High Noon, the story of William “Catfish” Hancock, an old cowboy who takes the fight to the Nazis on the streets of WWII France. Author Trent Tano will air an excerpt from his novel this Sunday, Oct. 6, on San Francisco’s Radio Valencia, 4:00 Pacific. Stream it live at Radio Valencia or download it after the show. The radio spot is to promote Mr. Tano’s appearance at LitQuake 2013 (Oct. 13 at the Makeout Room), so San Franciscans, save the date for an in-person reading of cowboys versus Nazis!

I’m proud to have helped Mr. Tano develop this story, which will appeal to readers of Larry McMurtry, Harry Turtledove, and anyone who loves a good showdown. Mr. Tano is currently seeking representation for Paris High Noon. Find out more at http://parishighnoon.com/.

Congratulations, Trent!


I’d sent my novel out to several agents, and a couple of them recommended I consult a book doctor. Erin was that book doctor, and eventually I signed with one of those agents, who was impressed by how much I’d been able to improve the manuscript.”

Andria Williams,
The Longest Night (Random House, 2016)