Wilcox Editing


Working on a draft of your manuscript, you will inevitably encounter the challenge of rendering your artistic vision on the page. It is not easy to transform a thought, an idea, or a moment of inspiration into a well-wrought character, a subtle plotline, a captivating voice, a seamless narrative flow. Even if your goals tend in the opposite direction from those of the traditional literary text, away from subtlety and seamlessness, as a writer you will eventually confront issues of craft. But you need not face them alone.

I help authors articulate their artistic vision through the process of developmental editing. With an MFA in creative writing and a BA in comparative literature, I am prepared to address elements of craft including character development, structure, plot, voice, style, and point of view. Working as a team, we can revise your story, essay, novel, or memoir so that it meets your goals and satisfies the expectations of a concrete audience.