Wilcox Editing


When your manuscript is complete in terms of content and structure, it may be ready for some fine-tuning at the language level. Copyediting is the process through which I can crystallize your artistic vision through a meticulous examination of prose. A single word choice can affect your character’s voice; a well-placed comma might change the implications of a line of dialogue; a twist of syntax might clarify your narrator’s intended meaning; and the cleanliness of a manuscript will increase the chances of it staying on an agent’s desk. With more than nine years’ copyediting experience, I am well equipped to refine many types of text. I have been thoroughly trained in a wide range of styles and linguistic sensibilities—I know the rules of language, the conventions of various genres, and the art of bending both.

If you are self-publishing and you’ve just gotten the page proofs back from the printer, or if you only want an editor to catch clear-cut language errors, you may need the final gloss of a proofread. Proofreading is a separate skill from copyediting, and a separate process. I have proofread works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for one of the nation’s finest literary journals and various styles of text for publishers and authors. I will comb your text for errors, letting no line be widowed and no word poorly broken.