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Editorial Assessment: If you are not sure which level of editing you require, you may benefit from an initial editorial assessment. I will read through your manuscript and identify general problems and attributes. For example, I might note the spelling is generally poor but the character development is excellent in your manuscript. I then recommend an editing level based on this assessment. This service includes a complimentary phone consultation that provides context for the written assessment. I offer a recording of this session so you can reference it in the future.

Developmental Editing: Developmental editing entails an ongoing exchange between writer and editor. I only take on writers of fiction, memoir, and certain other forms of creative nonfiction as developmental editing clients because this work is highly specialized, requiring a deep understanding of craft and genre-specific conventions. If you have completed a draft of your manuscript and you feel this draft could be improved, I can help guide you through the revision process. I also assist with development of query letters, synopses, and cover letters.

Line Editing: If your draft includes unnecessary material that undercuts the desired effect of the writing, I will help you find such redundancies and eliminate them. If your fiction contains problems of dramatic continuity or your text has light structural issues, a line edit is the appropriate editing level for the manuscript. A line edit is not appropriate for a text needing major structural changes or expansion of any kind. Unlike developmental editing, line editing is not an ongoing process of revision; it is more like copyediting in this regard.

Copyediting: In a copyedit, I will catch language errors and also suggest rephrasing of awkward sentences in a manuscript. A copyedit assumes that the content is set and the manuscript only needs a fine-tuning of language. A copyedit will ensure consistency of style, eliminate errors, and leave you with a manuscript formatted for submission to agents or publishers. Copyediting is usually the appropriate editing level for a manuscript that has already been revised and vetted for content or a finished scholarly text that has been translated into English from a foreign language.

Proofreading: In a proofread, I will catch language errors only. Any slightly awkward but not incorrect phrasing will be left alone. If you are self-publishing, this service is most appropriate to check the page proofs you receive from the printer. A true proofread of page proofs involves attention to issues of typography and final layout such as ensuring optimal word breaks at the end of a line.


Please query me for a project quote if you are interested in developmental editing, writing coaching, or an editorial assessment. For line editing, copyediting, and proofreading, I provide estimates based on a sample and the following hourly rates:

Line Editing: $65 per hour
Copyediting: $45 per hour
Proofreading: $40 per hour


Hats off to sci-fi editor Erin Wilcox, whom I hired to copyedit my book. We got the highest marks on grammar in the competition. If anyone out there is looking for a copyeditor, I highly recommend Erin Wilcox.”

Camille Picott,
Raggedy Chan

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