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Erin Wilcox

I became an editor when I realized the language skills I value require constant maintenance. Delving into syntactic minutiae, comparing the advice of various style guides, and looking up words allowed me to continually hone my fundamentals. I earned my way through my MFA program working for Alaska Quarterly Review, where I copyedited renowned literary authors including Grace Paley, Marie Sheppard Williams, Nancy Lord, and Dorianne Laux.

My primary focus at this point is helping writers of fiction and creative nonfiction develop and submit their projects. My full-service clients receive close attention and consultation regarding all aspects of their writing, from manuscript revision to pitchcraft. I take on writers of mainstream/literary fiction, women’s fiction, speculative fiction, and creative nonfiction as developmental editing clients. Most recently, clients of mine have published pieces we developed in Guernica, American Literary Review, Evening Street Review, kidsthesedays.org, and Residential Aliens. My independent clients have sold projects we developed to publishers including Random House and McFarland. Works I edited for publishers and literary journals have been nominated for Hugo and Pushcart Prizes.

A symbiotic relationship persists between my writing and editing. When I am not aiding clients, I continue to write and publish my own work. Remaining engaged with the artistic process ensures familiarity with the challenges of writing and anchors me in a space of compassion. Being a writer and poet also affords an avenue of creativity all my own, so I might avoid the editorial pitfall of trying to express my aesthetic through my clients’ work. In turn, editing brings to my writing life an internalized sense of rules and conventions, the better to bend them with.


Erin edited a two hundred-page memoir for me and returned it with embedded commentary as well as the expected editing. She has an ear for voice in a piece and is able to point out places the voice changes.”

Sandra Kleven,
The Right Touch, "Holy Land," and House on the Sand

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