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Nine-Tail Fox by Camille Picott

In 2011 I had the pleasure of working once again with Camille Picott, author of Raggedy Chan and the recently released Nine-Tail Fox. Both middle-grade children’s books, released through Picott’s Pixiu Press, belong to the Chinese Heritage Tale Series she is creating to make more ethnically diverse speculative fiction available for young people. Nine-Tail Fox is a frame tale in which Emma Chan-McDougal, a half-Chinese half-Caucasian fifth grader, gets picked on at school and learns from her Chinese aunt’s mythical story about a brave young Chinese Nine-Tail Fox who comes to America and fights Chih Yu, a demon that feeds on hatred. This is a touching tale I would recommend for all ages. An e-book edition is available in a variety of platforms through Smashwords. Congratulations, Camille!