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Pamela Simon Published in Evening Street Review

I’m proud to share that Wilcox Editing client Pamela Simon’s lyric essay “The Evidence” appears in the current issue of Evening Street Review (No.17: Autumn 2017), a publication of Evening Street Press. In this powerful short, Simon describes her personal experience with the physical and psychological scars left by the January 8, 2011, shooting that killed six people and left thirteen wounded, including Simon and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Simon, a White House Champion of Change under President Obama, works for gun-violence prevention on multiple platforms, including her creative nonfiction. “The Evidence,” which Simon and I developed in 2015, is an excerpt from her full-length memoir in progress. Congratulations, Pamela!


Erin Wilcox is an intelligent and talented developmental editor. She identified the nuggets of gold buried in my novel’s first draft—key scenes that were the heart of the story—and gave me a focus for revision.”

Lauren Sweet,
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