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Two New Stories Up at Learning A-Z

I’m happy to share that I have a couple of freelance stories out as of today. My role with this company has shifted lately to include some writing as well as editing. The stories are “The Heart of a Monkey,” a retelling of a Swahili beast fable, and “The Intersection,” a four-page passage in which a kid detective solves a case of a bicycle accident at a farmer’s market. “The Intersection” is an original, inspired by the Kurosawa film Rashomon! (That film, in turn, was based on the story “In a Grove” by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa.) Tolkien mentions “The Heart of a Monkey” in his famous essay “On Fairy Stories.” I got the idea to pitch this as an e-book for kids while doing my reading for the Odyssey Workshop in 2017.

The full text of these stories is available to subscribers only, but you can see the art from the summary view. And if you’re really gung ho, there’s always the free trial option.


What Erin returned to me was not only better from a copyediting perspective, but a true enhancement of the manuscript. She preserved my style and ensured intentional stylistic quirks remained consistent. Her insight and editorial judgment were remarkable.”

Anita Felicelli,
Sparks Off You (Hen Flower Press, 2012)

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